Refresher Courses

Bailey’s Driving School Refresher Courses are aimed at full driving licence holders who haven’t driven for a while and want to get back on the road again. During the refresher course we will assess your driving needs and structure your lessons accordingly to help you gain confidence and feel totally at ease in all driving situations.

Refresher Courses can include:

Parking lessons

Can you park? A lot of people that passed their test some time ago were not taught this skill and struggle with parking.  We can teach you some technical tips to remember so that you will find it easy to parallel park on busy roads and negotiate car parks safely.

Parking covered: Bay Parking, Parallel Parking, Forward Parking

Motorway Driving

Driving down a busy motorway can be daunting for some people, especially if you are out of practice. Bailey’s Driving School can teach you lane positioning and insure you have a good understanding of motorway rules to give you back your confidence in your abilities.

Night Driving

Many of us dislike driving at night but in winter it’s sometimes unavoidable, we can show you some great tips and driving techniques to help you regain your confidence and stop you worrying.


As the UK traffic gets heavier roundabouts can be quite scary for infrequent drivers. We can show you the best approach and refresh your skills with detailed tuition on how roundabouts work and which lane to use. You will then be reassured and confident you are using the correct signals and manoeuvring techniques.